New James Harden Adidas commercial “Creators Never Follow” @jharden13 @adidas


Check out the new James Harden commercial and Adidas campaign, “Creators Never Follow.”
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Check out the new commercial from the Active Faith sports brand.  The commercial is very motivational and inspirational.  We all need God in our lives no matter what we do. Active Faith has numerous athletes that rock with them from Jeremy Lin of the New York Knicks, Quentin Richardson of the Orlando Magic, Anthony Tolliver of the Minnesota Timberwolves and etc.  So check out the commercial and let me know what you think.





I have been out for awhile now with the flu and now I am back! I could not wait to talk about this one.  So I’m sitting in my hotel room watching the dunk contest and hear Jeremy Evans  talking to Kenny Smith and I see what looks like a bluetooth in his ear, so I am thinking like wth. So Jeremy continues to ramble and I hear him say “I’m  going to give the crowd an eyeview of what I see when I dunk”.  That is when I immediately say “Hold up! He stole my shit!” Now let me inform you. One day in the gym, I randomly come up with an idea of giving people the feeling of taking flight with me lol. Which are named “Come fly with Me” and “Come fly with Me 2” (Part 3- The Finale ft. Jeremy Lin coming soon) anyway it was all for fun. But how dare Jeremy Evans do this dunk in the dunk contest and not even execute it. First of all it was stolen and second, the dunk was terrible and third there was no showmanship! That is a dunk that should have not been done at all. You do this dunk for personal reasons lol, not in the NBA dunk contest. If you do do it, it better be you taking off from the free throw line! Smh. All I am saying is that he stole my shit lol and it was a terrible dunk. You decide who was better. The orginator (ME) or the other guy smh.





NBA players seemed to be looked at as idols or even gods sometimes. But some people fail to see how some of these players act like complete bitches smh. Whining and complaining to get their way and even doing things out of their character when they know they wouldn’t do it outside of the arena. You know, trying to act tough or even talking fighting words. For example, you have Dwayne Wade. A player who use to be humble but now if you foul him these days he’s in your face talking shit like he is about to fight you when we all that is not the case. Go ahead and check him in action, he’s actually been doing it alot lately. Then you have guys like Lebron James and Dwight Howard. Two big ass fools with great talent but act like bitches because the world has been given to them. Lebron bitches almost every play like Kobe use to do lol. Now you can catch Lebron bitching at referees because he can’t get his way. He needs to take that energy and focus on making free throws and getting some balls. Dwight too, crying all the time and then has the nerve about his situation in Orlando. He also had the nerve to tell his teammates during halftime of a game they were losing that if they don’t want to play to stay in the locker room when he in reality wants out of Orlando. He started the season off terrible, came on strong and now is back to bitching. Be a man, if your big ass would stop joking around all the time you could avergage 30pts and 20rebs easy. But the number one bitch of them all is Russell Westbrook. After smoking the championship dreams of the Thunder last year he has the nerve to complain and bitch with one of the best players in the  league in Kevin Durant. There has been times when coaching hasn’t been able to calm him down. But what did it for me was the bumping of the Boston Celtic towel boy smh. He was staring the kid down and decided to bump the guy for know reason. But hey bitches will be bitches. Check out the video.

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