21 Ways Rich People Think Differently

The truth. The reality of it all. So really, which are you?


World’s richest woman Gina Rinehart is enduring a media firestorm over an article in which she takes the “jealous” middle class to task for ‘drinking or smoking and socializing’ rather than working to earn their own fortune. 

What if she has a point? 

Steve Siebold, author of ‘How Rich People Think’ spent nearly three decades interviewing millionaires around the world to find out what separates them from everyone else. 

It had little to do with money itself, he told Business Insider. It was about their mentality.

“[The middle class] tells people to be happy with what they have,” he said. “And on the whole, most people are steeped in fear when it comes to money.”

Average people think MONEY is the root of all evil. Rich people believe POVERTY is the root of all evil.

“The average person has been brainwashed to believe rich people are lucky or dishonest,” Siebold…

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“Dear Me, Dear Conqueror”

For those of you were or in a bad place. This is a great read. Check it out.

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[The following is written during a time of great depression of being blinded by logics, failure, sin, and sadness of lost loved ones. I, John, was so determined to not feel what I was going through again, that I wrote a letter to myself warning me. This is a sincere letter from the present me (at that current time of darkness) to the future me (overcomer of darkness).]

Dear me, Dear Conqueror

I’m speaking to you from one of the dryest places I’ve seen in my life. Take heed to this reminder to never allow yourself to enter this dark desert again if it be up to you. My faith isn’t the strongest, and I get angry at the place I’m in. Questioning God has become repetitive and I’ve even found myself angry at him. I feel useless. My safe place is an image of me being the unknown, In…

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Racism has been going on for eternity. Can we stop it? It’s unlikely, but we all can put in a better effort to solve the problem. As of late, racism has been the main factor in a couple events. First, the murder of Trayvon Martin where the 17-year-old was murdered because he looked suspicious and was wearing a hoodie smh. Then the controversy over the movie “Hunger Games”.

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As people, we all go through struggles in our lives. The ups and downs, the uncertainty of what is to come in our lives. That is when we must have faith. Faith in the Lord and ourselves. Faith that whatever we are going through, we will make it out on top.  Athletes as well go through these things. The ups and downs of the season, injuries, not knowing what is to become of their future. Having faith and determination can decide whether a person will be great or not. That’s where I would like to introduce you to Lanny Smith and Active Faith Sports.

Active Faith Sports is a Christian athletic apparel brand started by Lanny Smith and Mike Rosas. They offer premium clothing and athletic apparel for the active Christian. Their mission is to use the platform that athletics provides to represent and spread the love and message of God…

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Deron Williams  No. 8 jersey was retired after playing 15 games with Besiktas in Turkey. He was one of many NBA players who left to go overseas and play, but was the only one to stand out. He averaged 21.8 PPG and 6.5 APG in his time in Istanbul and he says he hopes to return. For his jersey to be retired after 15 games is funny as hell but it shows the impact he had in Turkey. Besiktas loved Deron Williams and I would assume they are quite saddened by his departure. The TBL will take a blow because of the NBA lockout ending and with players like Zaza Pachulia, Thabo Sefolosha, Semih Erden and Mehmet Okur returning to their American teams. But in the end, Deron Williams will be a legend not just in the NBA, but overseas as well. Check out the ceremony below.