In the midst of Jay-Z releasing his 13th studio album “4:44“. I sense this wave of awakening spirits amongst black people. Not to say Jay is the reason for this awakening, but i think his message with this album couldn’t have came at a better time. With all that has been happening to us as people for hundreds of years, from being brutally punished and killed. To being brainwashed, it gives me a great feeling to see black people starting to take strides in being aware of the power that we hold and being aware of what is really going in this chess game called life. Jay-z came with it on this album. A song that sticks out obviously, is “The Story of O.J.” 

“You wanna know what’s more important than throwin’ away money at a strip club? Credit
You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it
Financial freedom my only hope .Fuck livin’ rich and dyin’ broke. I bought some artwork for 1 million
2 years later, that shit worth 2 million. Few years later, that shit worth 8 million. I can’t wait to give this shit to my children. Y’all think it’s bougie, I’m like, it’s fine. But I’m tryin’ to give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99
If that verse goes over your head then I don’t know what to tell you. I just need us as the people to be more aware of the problems we face on the a daily basis, not just individually, but as a collective. Come together and take the necessary actions toward making our people and communities great again by tapping into our inner greatness. 

    L.I. Mars- “Goin In” @iamLI_Mars


    Limar Wilson aka L.I. Mars is the epitome of things fresh.  Hailing from Orlando/Altamonte Springs, Fl, this artist was destined for the spotlight.  Once a professional basketball player, he continued to impress the naysayers by living the impossible.  From the courts to the stage, the ball stopped bouncing, but the people didn’t. It was obvious no one saw this career change coming.  L.I. Mars music is more than the ordinary, it’s inspirational, real music that people can relate to with real life experiences.

    “Started just rapping recording shit on my Apple phone. Now i’m telling my story and rapping on this microphone.”

    L.I. Mars- Living the Impossible with Motivation and Reasons

    Download the ep below.

    L.I. Mars- Goin In EP “>L.I. Mars- Goin In



    Rick Ross delivers his 6th studio album, MastermindThis album is tough and nice look for the big man.  He fell off a tad bit with his previous album God forgives, I dont. But bounced back with this one. The album features Kanye West, Big Sean, The Weekend, Scarface and more. Dope production and lyrics gives the album life. So if you don’t have this album, go cop it ASAP.




    Straight out the streets of H-Town, Bigg Fatts drops his latest album “Appetizers”. There’s more to this guy than meets the eye. He has cuts that are lyrical and cuts that you can turnup too. If you don’t have his first project “Fast Food”, then you sleeping. You can checkout and download both albums below.