In the midst of Jay-Z releasing his 13th studio album “4:44“. I sense this wave of awakening spirits amongst black people. Not to say Jay is the reason for this awakening, but i think his message with this album couldn’t have came at a better time. With all that has been happening to us as…

The Most Praised One

The passing of Muhammad Ali is one that hurts the soul because not just of his greatness in the ring. But his greatness towards humanity. We all


Is anything truly impossible? Or is it that the path to our goals appears too unclear to follow?


It is said that if you knew who it is that walks with you in every moment, you would never again have to be afraid.

All Ah We

It was a very ordinary day, the day I realized that my becoming is my life and my home

White Lion

According to legend, white lions were children of the Sun God, sent to earth as gifts.

{ Surrounded }

Surrounded. Each and everyday we are surrounded. Surrounded by