About Sneed Chronicles


Sneed Chronicles is about being honest about the things that go on in the world today. My journey as a basketball player, journeys of other people in this world, and the great strides and the difficulties people face everyday in this thing called life.  I also talk about whatever I feel like. Whether it be from music, sports, fashion and etc. I give my honest opinion, and  it doesn’t matter what the subject is, I will tell the truth always whether you agree or disagree.  The truth is no longer wanted in society and people feel comfortable about being apart of the “norm” and are blinded by this fake society we live in. Which is not cool. The truth is what we need, so I’m going to make sure the truth is what the people get.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Brandy Roberts says:

    I been reading your blogs recently and thought you might like this cat:

    I love your pov and will continue to check ya out!

    Thanks for the Insight and many laughs too!

    1. I preciate that. Man i watch this dude, real as hell and funny then a bitch too. Preciate the love

  2. Tracey Maje says:

    You da best man,love honesty & as far as ur goal goes,u have achived.will keep checking this space.

    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. I just believe we as the people need to hear the truth instead of lives. Some truth may hurt, but in the end it will make people better.

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