How can one learn self-love, if they were never taught or exposed to it?

How can one learn self-love, if they were never taught or exposed to it? This was one of many topics that was brought to light during the monthly topic party, hosted by the The Outlet. A topic that made me research and learn more about what self-love truly means. Especially after hearing others stories and opinions about self-love. People who have more self-love tend to know what they think, feel, and want. They also can express and communicate their emotions and feelings to others properly. Many of us hold in our hurt and just keep walking through life thinking we are good. When we start the process of self-hate, it’s because we forgot the tools to communicate to others and ourselves. We let our pain take over, and we lose sight of seeing who we are. So we need to let that out and communicate it to others properly, because all we are doing is causing harm to ourselves and our loved ones. After hearing viewpoints and stories from others, as well as me going through my own struggles. I came to the conclusion that you have to learn how to love yourself. That means you must have the willingness to learn and to be able to put yourself around others who understand what self-love really is. Growing up, self-love is something that is not exposed to everyone. Of course, people tell you to love yourself. But it is deeper than just saying that. You have to actually know how to communicate, have emotional intelligence, and not be selfish in your thoughts and ways. Only then you will you be able not to just love your self more, but others as well. The next topic party will be at The Studio HTX, in Houston, Texas on June 29, 2019. So if you are in town, come through! Follow The Outlet on instagram and facebook. Information is below! Let me know what you think on the topic. Comment below.

The Outlet- @wearetheoutlet

Video by Sneedie Wonder Productions

Photos by Jarele Taylor

Another topic at The Outlet.

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