Kanye West over the past couple years has evolved into an evil genius. The public views him as a jerk, crybaby, or a little bitch at times. But even if he may throw a tantrum at paparazzi, he has a valid point of why he does what he does. Kanye was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. This was after Jimmy Kimmel did a skit on his show making fun of an BBA interview that was Kanye was apart of earlier this month. Kanye didn’t like it, and tweeted out of frustration some not so nice things to Jimmy lol. So both of the guys sat down and had a straight honest interview on the show, which actually went great. Kanye talked about his passion for being in fashion and how he couldn’t get taken seriously by some of the world’s top fashion designers. He used the word “classicism” to describe how people are treated in the fashion industry and in the world. He explains how people get denied opportunities to conquer their dreams because the people who have the power to help them automatically have this “better than you” mentality. Which alters the correct decision to be made. He talks about his family, dreams, and society in the interview. Kanye isn’t a mad man. He’s passionate about life, his dreams, and fairness in life. Something everybody should be passionate about. Check out the interview below if you haven’t seen it.



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