Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all-time. So it’s only right that people love him no matter what smh. I mean he can get away with murder and we would still love him, right? How about he can come out with the same shoes over a million times and people will still buy them. Even when they have no car, no job, no anything lol.  People kill over his shoes and guess what Michael does?  He raises the price of the shoes and releases them on holidays so people can go crazy smh.  But what is really upsetting is that the quality of the shoe has decreased and the price has increased. GTFOH Michael. I rock with Lebron’s now for the fact that the quality of shoe is superior to any other shoe. Yes they are $180, but Jordan’s are too.  I have brand new J’s that have fallen apart in months! You got me fucked up Jordan!  So advise you people to sit back and actually look at your situation before you buy another pair of Jordan’s that have been released over and over.  Go broke over a pair of shoes that will fall apart in a couple months while Mike lays up on an island smoking a cigar or keep your money and invest in something else, like Lebrons! Lol.  Seriously, get it together people because I refuse to let this fool take advantage of me and shouldn’t let him either.


One comment

  1. LaShaunda Davis-Berry · February 27, 2013

    It’s pitiful how people go crazy over them, going broke for some shoes, kids be hungry…killing for a pair of damn shoes. There’s nothing wrong with having nice things (when you can afford them), but some people go overboard!

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