Butt implants are the new wave of foolishness lol. I mean, ladies I understand if you are having insecurities about your ass and there is absolutely not enough of it poking out. So you feel like you need to do something about it, go head and plump it up lol. But for all you women who have perfectly fine asses and you feel like you need a little more cushion back there, STOP! Your butt is perfectly fine. Go workout and tone it up!  Don’t get lazy and go get some implants because they don’t look that good.  I can personally tell when someone has a fake ass. They are all shaped the same! They poke out around the hips and looked like they are being squished on the sides. Followed by a cuff and a droop of the cheeks! They basically look like marshmallows smh. Butts with implants are all filled at the top and slightly droop at the bottom. Nicki Minaj is a victim, her ass looks so stupid and dumb. Most butt implants look like hers if you ask me.  So these men need to stop gassing these women with fake assess up because it’s not a good look. If you have a nice, natural butt, keep it. Don’t do any damage to it.  If you absolutely have no buns, then you might want to look into it lol. So stop listening to these dumb dudes, stop watching these women on television with fake butts and just love yourself more. A butt should not define you as woman. Be you and LOVE YOU.



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