I might have to say Instagram is one of the most hilarious creations ever made. For the simple fact that it makes people do some of the dumbest and funniest things ever!  It’s makes people get on the ground, do headstands, climb on top of stuff, hire friends and family as part-time/full-time photographers lol smh. As well as put their life on the line to capture that shot of…. their shoes, dogs, cats, co-workers and food. It also makes people fake stunt lol. You know, like when they take a picture of $200 and  hashtag, #lunchmoney, when that’s all the money they have to their name smh.  Or what about taking picture of a fancy car that isn’t theirs and hashtag, #getlikeme smh.  Instagram has it pros and cons. You have your funny ass meme generated pics then you have your annoying ass tweegram pics where people say dumb shit on picture of a card or blackboard and say something original and dumb lol. Instagram is possibly making people dumber lol, but one thing it is doing is giving people a possible career in photography. Something they would have never thought of doing in their life lol.

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