Kevan Sidney is a very talented actor and is also a very talented filmmaker. The Houston native  is making a name for himself in the entertainment world and will be a household name soon. His short film “Do You Wana Trade Places?” is a film people should definitely watch. It touches base on the fortunate and the less fortunate, but with a twist.

Some people are less fortunate than others and sometimes people who are more fortunate than others need a wake up call every now and then.When successful business executive Brandon (Kevan Sidney) encounters unsuccessful homeless man Jason (Lawrence P) more than words get exchanged that day.  The short film also has special guest appearances by Chrys Carter and Manuel Suarez Jr, who also did stellar in this 27 minute short film. The film was written by Kevan Sidney for Plush Red Inc and directed & edited by Lawrence P for EyeMagination Pictures. You can follow the cast on twitter. So holler at them and stay tuned for more projects from Kevan and the cast. Check out the film!

@kevansidney- Kevan Sidney

@lawrenceppromo- Lawrence P

@ChrysCarter- Chrys Carter




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