Listen up all you knocked-up women out there. Dr. Gordon Gallup,  a New York based psychologist, knows how much morning sickness can suck so he says he has found a cure for the baby barf.  But his claim might be a little hard to swallow lol.  According to Dr. Gordon Gallup, the best way to beat morning sickness is to swallow semen! Yes, that’s right. Swallow what is responsible for making that baby!  Gallup’s theory is much like the ‘hair of the dog’ concept, claiming the way to beat a hang-over is to have another drink of alcohol in the morning.  There isn’t any real scientific proof to that, but Gallup really thinks oral sex is the key to make mommy’s to be feel better. I think he knows what he’s talking about lol. But Gallup believes the pregnant body’s urge to purge is a result of this foreign man-made material coming into their body to help form a developing baby. He believes the more contact with this material, the smoother the process or something like that. I know it sounds crazy, but listen to the man. It can’t hurt, so try it out. Doctor’s order!

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