Stevie J is a three-time Grammy award winning songwriter, musician and producer, and rose to fame in the 90’s when he made his mark as an in-house producer for Sean Puffy Comb’s Bad Boy Entertainment.  He has worked with such artists as Diddy, the Notorious B.I.G, Mariah Carey, Faith Evans and the Jacksons and he also had a romantic fling with Eve.  Stevie J is now claiming the position of artist with his new band, The Magnificent 757s, that he formed with long-time friend and former co-owner of Source Magazine, Benzino. Stevie J, the self-proclaimed “good guy” is ready to take his turn in the spotlight. So why is this fool so damn hilarious!? Supposedly a pimp, he messes with a man (JOSEline) and he always makes that stupid rat face when he gets mad or has something stupid up his sleeve lmao.  Everybody hates him but loves him at the same damn time smh.  Seriously, dude been fucking over his wife for like 15 years, he gets caught and says the dumbest shit lol.  Stevie J doesn’t even take himself serious and the show is a joke but I only watch it to see what that fool is going to do and say lol smh.  So if you want to see a fool at his best check out Stevie J on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and you will not be let down.



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