Social media is very important in the world today. You have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Google which people are on everyday building connections and relationships.  But are these social media outlets good or bad for people in relationships?  Social Media tends to be very addictive and can be great for networking but they also can be bad for time wasted looking at nothing.  There are so many pro’s and cons to social media but when does it get out of hand?  You have couples who separate over Facebook or Twitter and if they haven’t separated they are in a pretty terrible relationship. One problem I think there is with social media is that some people air out too much information about their relationship when it’s going bad.  I mean, people will tell their problems to the world before they tell it to their significant other, which is one of the reasons couples relationships tend to crumble.  You have people who will stay on the phone for hours and not give their significant other the time of day.  Now it’s different if you are handling business on your phone but if you don’t have any business to take care of  or any research to do why be on the phone all day?  I’m just saying there has to be a balance. There is always something happening in the world today and people just want to know and see what is going on.  Technology has given us access to these events at the palms of our hands, so yes I understand the addiction.  But if you are not a businessman or woman, then what is your excuse?  Don’t leave your significant other hanging for hours while you’re inches away from them lol.  Just try to have a healthy balance between the both of them before your partner leaves you hanging!



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