The term “Y.OL.O.”, if you don’t know means “you only live once”.  Now this term is real because in perspective we actually live once lol.  But

does that mean when say YOLO you run out and do some shit? I think not lol.  You see, some people are getting confused and are making some irresponsible decisions after living by the yolo theory.  Now I’m not saying not to have fun because there are situations that call for YOLO like getting the balls to talk to the girl or guy of your dreams, standing up for yourself finally after being pushed around for years or even going out and buying something you wanted for a very long time because you have been taking care of others.  YOLO doesn’t mean go rob a bank, kill somebody, have unprotected sex with a prostitute or punch your boss.  Take your time and think about the situation before you and your friends go and scream yolo! Don’t go buy a car when you only have $3k to your name! Don’t get hammered when you have a job interview the next morning! Don’t  go sky diving when you don’t have life insurance! Just make the right decisions is all i’m saying but if you don’t care what i’m saying at all, oh well, YOLO!

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