Lebron James killed the Celtics in Game 6 by dropping 45pts, 15reb and 5ast to take the series to a game 7.  You can’t deny it this time, Lebron carried his team to victory. He had the look of a killer on the court and he would not be denied.  Only if you could get this out of him every single game then he would truly be the best player in the NBA right now smh.  But he chooses to coast and rely on Dwade and the crew to pick up.  I hope that with him having this game he will truly understand what he has to do.  Even though they looked like the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight lol he just needs to understand that he needs to be aggressive and be the man of the team.  Look at Durant, he’s way younger than Lebron is and is most likely going to get his first ring this season because he is fearless and has a killers mentality.  So game 7 it is and we shall see if the “KING” will come through when the pressures really on!


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