It is 2012 and people are really afraid of the word “GOD?” Seriously, why is when a conservation breaks out and somebody brings up God or religion they get nervous, have a blank stare, roll their eyes or come up with an excuse to leave smh.  There is nothing to be afraid of God is good! I understand the people who are not living that type of life and are doing pretty “ungodly” things but it’s ok because God loves you no matter what!  Just stop with the “Oh not the “God” word look again” or “why do we have to talk about this now?” look lol.  Just relax and be cool, God will not harm you and the word especially won’t hurt you unless you saying some pretty messed up stuff about God.  So next time he is brought up in a conversation don’t get the jigga-joos and start shaking everywhere because it will be just fine!



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