If you are tired feeling bad or if you want to lose some weight, I recommend that you try out juicing.  When you juice or go on a juice diet you are simply either drinking strictly juice all day made from fruits and vegetables or you are drinking two juices a day along with some healthy meals, no junk food.  Now after watching the great documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead”, I found myself wanting to try this juice fast out.  I tried it out for 3 days and I felt great.  My mind was clearer, I had more energy, and I felt great.  You have the choice of doing a 3-day, 7-day, or 10- day juice fast and then after that you can choose to keep going or to go back to your traditional ways of feeling like shit smh.  There are a lot of recipes you can choose from and let me tell they don’t taste as bad as you think.  I currently have 4 friends on it and they have lost weight in the first 3-4 days and they feel better than ever.  Other beneficial factors when you go on a juice diet is that you tend to lose whatever ailment you have. You can lower your high blood pressure, rid of sleep apnea, and lower your risk for heart disease and etc.  So if you are tired of feeling bad and actually care about living I recommend that you do this juice fast because you will reap the benefits and live a longer and healthier life!



  1. I’ve been juicing for almost two months now. I bought my juicer upon reading that in order to reduce my severe menopausal symptoms I had to give up my coffee & merlot and eat 9 servings of fruits & vegs. The only way to consume that much was to juice!
    All of my symptoms are gone, in fact I didnt even suffer from PMS this month! My skin and hair are now like silk and radiant! My juicing recipes I use are so delicious! I have no desire for coffee or wine at all any more!
    Juicing saved me! I was at my wit’s end! Great blog post!!!

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