The 2012 NBA playoffs get started on April 28th and it’s about to go down. Teams like Oklahoma City, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers and San Antonio Spurs are favored to win it. But who do you think will win it.  You have some interesting matchups like the Knicks vs Heat in the first round which I think the New York Knicks can win. Now people say I’m crazy for saying that but the Knicks have a lot of weapons and have been playing solid defense since Mike Woodson took over as head coach.  People are sleeping on the Spurs as well. They have the deepest team and are solid all the way around. The Thunder were my favorites but the decision making of Russell Westbrook and his shot volume make me feel like he will blow it for the Thunder and also the team shoots primarily jumpers but we shall see what comes of that.  Don’t sleep on the Grizzlies and Celtics as well.  Clippers were also one of my early season picks but they still have some issues defensively to handle so all I can say is get ready for the playoffs because it will be a good one.



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