Dr. Dre has done it again.  Since he hasn’t given the people his long awaited album “Detox” smh, he decided to bring Tupac back! 

Dr. Dre created a Tupac hologram to perform at Coachella 2012. The hologram looked real as hell.  Didn’t resemble Tupac to me that much but Dre pulled it off.  It took Dr. Dre four months to create it. Check out the performance.



  1. Patrick · April 17, 2012

    Amazing, big props to dre for putting this together and respect to snoop for performing I would pay to see an entire concert of this with PAC in it r.I.p PAC much love homie

    • SNEED CHRONICLES · April 17, 2012

      A lot of people wanted to experience it and for Dre to even come up with a concept like that, genius. Thanks for the comment

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