America, the most blessed country of them all.  But is also one of the most cursed.  There are millions of people around the world who thrive for the “American Dream”.  But what is the american dream?

Some say it is having a nice car, home, and money to spend.  Some say it’s being famous, some says it’s  even being free.  To be honest, I don’t know what the american dream is, every person is different and has a different purpose for life.  The thing with me is that you have all these people striving for this almighty “American Dream” and in the process the dream is making peoples lives a nightmare.  Not all people fail to attain this so-called “American Dream” but there are a lot of people who are disappointed chasing this superior trophy.  All I want to say is don’t strive for the american dream, strive for YOUR DREAM.  We all have a purpose on this planet, so don’t get lost in chasing America’s dream.  Get lost chasing YOUR dream, it will be hard at times but it will be fun and mean way more to you when you catch it in the end.

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