It’s 2012 and things have changed, men act like women and women act like men lol.  Seriously, men act like women because of their behavior like whining, bitching, and complaining more than women and also having bitchlike tendencies smh. Women are acting like men because they are more independent nowadays and have some balls in between their legs these days lol. But guess what?  There is a study that states that mens testosterone has dropped 22% over the past 20 plus years, so if they act like a bitch then they have an excuse lol.  But men are becoming stay at home dad’s and taking over duties such cooking and cleaning. I think men’s testosterone levels are down because of technology, chemicals in food, pollution in the environment and etc. Women on the other hand are taking the more manly role.  Working more hours, becoming more independent, and sexually being more controlling 🙂 . When it comes to sex, women have always been more freaks than men it’s just that they are able to express that more now than they could 20 years ago.  So women have this attitude that they don’t need men to do anything for them and have the mindset that they are stronger than men. Women are stronger than men for the fact that they bleed every month of the year and that they can give birth to child, that’s something I think men could not endure lol. But there isn’t anything wrong with a strong woman, she just can’t  be too damn strong because then the power struggles begin. There isn’t anything wrong with a man doing duties like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the kids because that’s your responsibility. The problem lies when the man does all that and forgets that he is a man. The other problem is when men bitch and complain and throw hissy fits, that is totally unacceptable, be a man, it’s already tough enough being one so take on the world in a manly fashion. Women continue to be strong, just know there is a limit lol. A strong woman is sexy, but an overly strong woman is a turnoff and you might as well consider single for the rest of your life smh.  So men be men and women be women and come together to make something beautiful.


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