Racism has been going on for eternity. Can we stop it? It’s unlikely, but we all can put in a better effort to solve the problem. As of late, racism has been the main factor in a couple events. First, the murder of Trayvon Martin where the 17-year-old was murdered because he looked suspicious and was wearing a hoodie smh. Then the controversy over the movie “Hunger Games”.

Where serious followers of the book were upset because of the character called the “Rue” was played by an 13-year-old african american girl who goes by the name of Amandla Stenberg. Lenny Kravitz and Dayo Okeniyi were also singled out because of their color and their roles that they played in the movie. In the book, the “Rue” was described as “dark-skinned” but followers were not expecting her to be black smh. The Trayvon Martin murder is tough enough, but to say the things that were said about this little girl and the references towards black people that were said are just ridiculous.


It just shows how racist people really are and even though we are all together and not segregated racism still is among us. There are many forms of racism, some people are racists against their own race smh. How can this world ever eliminate racism when we not just hate others but we hate ourselves!?
Martin Luther King Jr would be happy but not satisfied with world of today. That’s why as the people we must make a better effort to bring the world together.


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