There is always a debate on who is better out of Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love and Los Angeles Clippers power forward Blake Griffin. If you ask me, there is no debate. Kevin Love is hands down the better player, he works harder than Blake the numbers don’t lie.

He can shoot the 3pt shot and rebounds at a high rate.  Blake Griffin on the other hand is a highlight reel waiting to happen. Very athletic and his jumper is a work in progress.  People tend to lean towards Blake for the fact he will dunk on your ass lol.  But let’s not be foolish Kevin is the man. He has been in the zone as of late scoring 51pts and grabbing 14rebs against OKC Thunder in a thriller. Then his latest outburst of 40pts and 19rebs against the Charlotte Bobcats. So you be the judge Blake “Monster” Griffin or Kevin “The Real Deal” Love?



  1. elevenwestpremium · March 29, 2012

    Reblogged this on Eleven West Premium and commented:

    • SNEED CHRONICLES · March 31, 2012

      Love all day! He’s simply the better player.

      • elevenwestpremium · March 31, 2012

        agreed. he will always be better as a player. blake is just a better athlete.

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