I honestly get sick every time I see this story on the news or hear about it.  But I had to say my peace, for it to be 2012 and still have deal with racism here and there is one thing but for a 17-year-old kid to be murdered for absolutely no damn reason makes no sense. Racism is the only factor this young boy was killed, bottom line.  But the worst thing about this situation, the guard who killed him (George Zimmerman) hasn’t been detained yet!  He is claiming that it was self-defense but he was told by the 911 dispatcher not to follow this kid who just going to the store to get some candy and drinks.  It’s obvious he had murder on his mind because this kid was African-American.  George Zimmerman also has charges on him for assaulting and officer.  The 911 call was released and it is sad.  Witnesses tell police that they heard Trayvon screaming for his life.  This is a very sad situation and I pray for the family who lost a great child.  Listen to the 911 call below.




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