I don’t like anything fake especially fake friends lol and that’s why I don’t associate myself with those type of friends and you shouldn’t either.  I know a lot of people who have those fake ass friends who act a certain way when they are around you but have a whole, new best friend on the side and act totally different!  What about those fake ass friends who accidentally get cool with someone who is acquainted with a certain NFL, NBA, MLB star and then all of a sudden act like they don’t know who you are anymore smh. There are so many types of fake ass friends and it’s pitiful.  The thing you have to do is realize it and nip it in the bud. You don’t have waste your time with fake friends because they tend to do bullshit in the moments you need them and they tend to not tell you the things that you do need to hear. Real friends tell you what you need to hear because they care for you and want to see you do good. Fake friends will tell you some shit to just to satisfy you or to shut you up smh you don’t need that. Not everyone can handle hearing the truth, but If you can’t handle the truth then maybe you don’t need any friends lol.  So look around yourself and see if you have any fake friends and analyze what have they done for you in your moments of good and bad and you will know. Now if you have a friend that does bullshit all the time to you and you guys have a real bond, just sit down and talk to he or she and tell them the problems you have with them and if they can’t understand then they aren’t your friend, they are just a fake ass friend. FIN (The End).

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