I have been out for awhile now with the flu and now I am back! I could not wait to talk about this one.  So I’m sitting in my hotel room watching the dunk contest and hear Jeremy Evans  talking to Kenny Smith and I see what looks like a bluetooth in his ear, so I am thinking like wth. So Jeremy continues to ramble and I hear him say “I’m  going to give the crowd an eyeview of what I see when I dunk”.  That is when I immediately say “Hold up! He stole my shit!” Now let me inform you. One day in the gym, I randomly come up with an idea of giving people the feeling of taking flight with me lol. Which are named “Come fly with Me” and “Come fly with Me 2” (Part 3- The Finale ft. Jeremy Lin coming soon) anyway it was all for fun. But how dare Jeremy Evans do this dunk in the dunk contest and not even execute it. First of all it was stolen and second, the dunk was terrible and third there was no showmanship! That is a dunk that should have not been done at all. You do this dunk for personal reasons lol, not in the NBA dunk contest. If you do do it, it better be you taking off from the free throw line! Smh. All I am saying is that he stole my shit lol and it was a terrible dunk. You decide who was better. The orginator (ME) or the other guy smh.




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