Jeremy Lin is the real deal people! He is no fluke. In his last four games, he has outplayed Deron Williams, Devin Harris, John Wall and Kobe Bryant!. He has given not just the city of New York their buzz back but he has inspired the NBA and even your everyday worker.  Jeremy took full advantage of his opportunity when he was put in four games ago and now he can’t be stopped.  I respect Jeremy Lin for the fact that he stay prepared and seized his moment. His faith in himself and the hard work he has put in is showing on the court.  From bouncing around the D-League and a couple of NBA teams, New York could be his home for a while now. The Knicks are looking great without stars Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire so just imagine what the Knicks will be like when they return.  When they both return they will have to adapt to Lin because he has turned this team around.  Jeremy is a great inspiration to people all over the world.  Not because of his race but because of his faith, hard work and preparation for this moment. Lin is the Tim Tebow of the NBA but better! There are some people who are still hating on the guy but if you are not a hater and look at his game you would know that he can play and that he is not a joke. All he does is LIN!



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