Life is a one time thing that we get to cherish, so live it to the fullest and with no regrets.  Everyday is different, it can be sometimes difficult or full of joy  so do the things that you need to do the things you want to do and  live the life you want. You have people have do things they don’t want to do their whole life and then when it’s their time to go they say “I wish I would have done that when I was younger”. No, work on it now.  Life is full of sacrifices and things may not always go your way but if you take the time and plan out what you need to do to do what you please in your lifetime well you are on your way.  Don’t grow old and say “I wish I would have done that” because time waits on nobody. So go after what you please and live with no regrets because it’s the only way to live. If you want to go skydiving, plan a date where you want to go skydiving and just do it.  If you want to travel the world, work hard and save up your money to do so.  If you want to be a gigolo, work on your skills in bed and be a gigolo lol.  There are no limitations to what you can do so just do it!


I  am so disgusted by McDonald’s that I want to go take a dump on there big yellow “M”. McDonald’s announced last week that, as of last August, is has stopped using ammonium hydroxide in the production of its hamburgers. MSNBC reports that the chemical, used in fertilizers, household cleaners and even homemade explosives, was also used to prepare McDonalds’ hamburger meat.

The International Business Times lists some other questionable chemicals showing up in our foods:

Propylene glycol: This chemical is very similar to ethylene glycol, a dangerous anti-freeze. This less-toxic cousin  prevents products from becoming too solid. Some ice creams have this  ingredient; otherwise you’d be eating ice.

Carmine: Commonly found in red food coloring, this chemical comes from crushed cochineal, small red beetles that burrow into cacti. Husks of the beetle are ground up and forms the basis for red coloring found in foods ranging from cranberry juice to M&Ms.

Shellac: Yes, this chemical used to finish wood products also gives some candies their sheen. It comes from the female Lac beetle.

L-cycsteine: This common dough enhancer comes from hair, feathers, hooves and bristles.

Lanolin (gum base): Next time you chew on gum, remember this. The goopiness of gum comes from lanolin, oils from sheep’s wool that is also used  for vitamin D3 supplements.

Silicon dioxide: Nothing weird about eating sand, right? This anti-caking agent is found in many foods including shredded cheese and fast food chili.

This is just utterly ridiculous. I stopped eating some of there food when I found out about the chicken nuggets smh. Those nuggets are crushed up chicken bones and fake chicken smh.  Even though I love their breakfast, I am going to have to chill on the slime and bird bones. I hope you all can take this in consideration when you pull to McDonald’s. Yes the dollar menu is irresistable but you can go to other fast food joints with dollar menus lol.  So you be the judge.