Whenever someone says “get outta my face” it’s probably best that you do lol. Those are the times when you are frustrated or times when you have been pushed to point of pisstivity, yes I said pisstivity. Examples are someone talking shit to you on a bad day, a smart comment being delivered to you after you have done  a nice deed for someone or someone doing some extremely nasty shit to you like farting in their face while you’re eating smh. So what are the top 3 get outta my face moments?

1. During a dispute, after arguing for so long. The other person finally walks up to you and says “what you wanna do?” You’re calm and say “man get outta my face”. After that, the person points their finger to your forehead saying some of the slickest shit and that is when the unleashing of an ass whooping begins.

2. You are extremely frustrated with something and someone real close to you is steady piling on sympathy, hugs and pats on the back.  Then to make it worse during your frustrating times they bring you the dumbest thing possible.  At that point, you look at them with anger in your eyes and tell them in your murderer voice to “get….outtta….my….face.”

3. After a long day, you’re extremely tired and you’re just trying to sleep and get some rest but your significant other won’t let you. They continue to play in your ear, say stupid shit, fondle you and more. Then it’s a combination of exhaustion and the continuation of dumbness when your brain sends a signal to your arm and you swing with a quick, forceful motion and say with anger “get outta my face!” Then your partner mugs you throughout the night planning they’re next attack smh.

Check out a couple of get outta of my face moments.




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