Facebook is supposed to a place where you can catch up with old friends, network  and tell people what’s on your mind. But what’s on peoples minds is LIES. Pictures and statuses of ” I’m getting this money” when you work at Jack in the Box or how about the status “we are so happy together, I love my significant other so much” when the both of you are fighting and arguing every other day and about to kill each other. Wait, we can’t forget about the “bible verse” status, you know the one where thanking the lord or reciting a scripture from the bible when you are actually sitting their rolling up a fat blunt inside your car outside of the club smh.  Last but not least, “doing it big in the club, popping bottles everywhere” pictures or statuses when you barely paying your rent. Come on people,  just be yourself and live your life.  Everybody isn’t doing it big and everybody isn’t in love so just do you. Live your life and actually work towards the things you lying about in your statuses whether if it’s love, wealth, religion or whatever. Just tell the truth and be honest because you think nobody knows but actually there are people who know about your actual life so don’t make yourself look bad. Be honest or this could happen to you lol.





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