This world contains some hilarious people. One of those people are 23-year-old Travis Williams, who is already an accomplished man, and he’s starting the year off strong.  Williams added another arrest to his 94-page rap sheet for disorderly conduct last week. The menacing Miami man allegedly menaced patrons at a shopping mall. The reason why is unknown, but it had to be great for this fool to fuck with people in the mall lol. When the cops arrived,  Travis screamed obscenities and got into a fighting stance. He went into custody, added some pages to his working arrest novel and all ended well.  But the funniest shit is that before he went into custody, he puts all that damn powder on his face! What’s even crazier nobody knows what it is and the police report offered no insight or explanation. I can see it being sand or flour. No wait, cocaine! I think I am going to roll with cocaine, just look at him lol.  Leave a comment and let me know what do you think it is?


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