While the large majority of athletic gear is segmented for each specific sports market, Nikeannounced a product Thursday that sweeps across the entire sporting landscape and can be used by any athlete at any level: the Nike+ FuelBand, a rubber bracelet worn on the wrist during exercise and sports activities to measure “steps, calories, time & Fuel metric (currency measured by oxygen kinetics).  The cost is $150, “about 50% more expensive than the similar FitBit device” as Slashgear comments. Nike recently launched its @nike Twitter account, which has a driven “its first major social networking campaign,” the Journal reports. That is where the company had been getting folks ready for their big announcement, marking all related tweets with a #makeitcount hashtag as part of the brand’s 2012 Make It Count marketing platform. The FuelBand is a great way to stay active and you also can compete and compare your activity to others. The  FuelBand also syncs with your iPhone via Bluetooth, provides on-device feedback, gives you the full experience. I say it’s worth buying, I know I am going to buy one. It is the ultimate measure of activity, so if you are serious about being fit the Nike FuelBand is the device for you. Check out the video and let me know what you think.





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