Do you know somebody who owes you money? Well go get it! Lol. I’m talking about the people who asked you for the money and said “thank you, I will pay you back as soon as I get it”, but time has passed and they have been buying all types of shit. Those are the people you need to watch for because you never forget to pay somebody back unless you don’t want to! People have all types of financial problems these days which is understandable. But if you ask somebody for some money and you haven’t tried to pay them back and you are buying other stuff. Then you might want to look in the mirror because you have some SNAKE in you smh. This goes for best friends too. Don’t think because you are best friends you can get away with that shit lol. There must be a verbal agreement from the person who lends you the money. If they say “don’t worry about it or you good” then you straight. But if not, you need to be setting up a payback fund lol. It’s just the right thing to do. Pay people back because you would want people to pay you back. If not this could happen to you on the video below.




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