Friends come a dime a dozen.  But real friends won’t leave you hanging and will help you better yourself as a person.  My definition of a real friend is someone who won’t let you continue making mistakes that hinder your growth as a person. A real friend understands you and is there for you no matter what and will never try to get over you in any situation. See you have people out there who say they are real friends, but  do the total opposite of what a real friend does. So ask yourself this, are you really a real friend? You have people that loan money from friends with no intention of paying them back. Taking advantage of their so-called friendship.  Real friends pay their friends back, no matter what. Only if the friend says “don’t worry about it” can you get away with that lol. Then you have friends who sit back and watch or even join in on the destruction that will sooner or later kill their friend. Things like drugs,  alcohol, bad eating habits, etc.  Those things may seem small because it’s something we do all the time. But if you keep doing those things over a long time, they will affect you eventually. All it takes is paying attention and stepping up and saying something about it. Some people don’t tell their friends what they need to hear because they are afraid of what they might say or they may feel like they could lose a friend. First off, you are not a real friend if you don’t say anything. Secondly, if they can’t accept the truth, then maybe you shouldn’t be friends.  People can’t continue to not tell their friends the truth and not help them become even greater people.  Real friends are there to help and to be there for one another, not to take advantage of  one another.  So realize who your real friends are, and make sure you don’t let down your real friends.

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