The Air Jordan XI Concord were released at midnight around the country.  The lines for them were ridiculous and there is even a problem getting them online because of the demand of the shoe. They are going for $180, but I will say more like $220 because of the some places are charging extra just because they know people want this shoe so bad.   I’m a sneakerhead, but I just can’t let Jordan or retail stores get over me. Let’s be real, Jordan is probably smoking a cigar in his bed on an island while people are standing in line for days to get them. You have retail stores spiking up the price on the shoe, when the price is already high enough.  $180? Come on, they use to go for $125 plus tax. Oh yeh, one more thing, it will probably come out again in another year or two.  So what’s the big rush? But it’s all good if you got them, congrats. If not, don’t worry they’ll be back in a couple years smh.



  1. CaterpillarJive · December 23, 2011

    It’s not that serious. Just another pair of j’s as always. People clean out their account for shoes but won’t have a life insurance plan that costs about $10 dollars: so be wise with all you have. There has to come a time when people should mature enough to say no the same as you: desire meat instead of milk like a child. After they stunt then what? Make your money grow people, then splurge. @CaterpillarJive

    • SNEED CHRONICLES · December 25, 2011

      Well said. It really isn’t that serious and people need to get their priorities straight. That same thinking is the reason why people struggle and then have nothing left for their families when someone passes away. Gots to do better!

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