Getting tested for std’s is a touchy subject for people.  There are tons of people who would rather not know if they have an std, HIV, AIDS or more smh. I mean, wouldn’t you rather know that you don’t have anything? We have to make better choices when it comes to this, because you are not just affecting yourself, but others. The people you sleep with, your significant other or whoever deserves better than that.   You could be walking around with something and you don’t know it, and the longer you go without being treated the more damage you are doing to  your organs. All i’m saying is if you getting down like that and going raw dog or even if you slip up once. Go get tested. We should be aware of this for the whole year, not one month of the year when they are promoting AIDS awareness. This is an everyday thing so, don’t take it for granted. Life is short, so prolong it by making better choices. Go get tested.



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