So after 10 1/2 years of marriage, Vanessa Bryant has supposedly filed divorce on Kobe Bryant.  Honestly, she stuck with him after a long time. Especially after he butt-fucked a nasty slut in Denver smh. I thought she would eventually leave him right after that hold situation. But I forgot, he is Kobe Bryant. You know, the face of the Los Angeles Lakers, Lord of the Rings, the Black Mamba. Or how bout, rich ass basketball player. I’m going to go with that one. But here’s the thing, he didn’t get a pre-nup. ???? Seriously, I know how he felt so bad and he thought to himself that he was going to make everything up to her and that she  was never  going to leave him. But honestly, a man in his position should have a safety net. You could never know a womans intentions. But that really hasn’t been the case with Vanessa. She has really been there for Kobe. So who knows whats going to happen in the near future. I hope they can look past their differences and work things out. Or else she is going to be one rich ass single woman smh.


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