What is “fake love?” Fake love is love that is not real, true, or genuine. You know what I mean. Couples who act like they are so in love, everything is so peachy and they have no problems. Or how about the people who put pictures up on Facebook all day trying to prove that they are in love. When actually it’s just one of the partners who actually feels that way smh. I would like to people to be honest with each other in relationships. I mean totally honest with their significant other. It actually works because you say what you feel and the other person is not so offended with what you are saying. The worst that happens is that you end up in an intense conversation. Notice I said intense conversation, not domestic violence lol. I think people try so hard to prove to other people that their life and their relationships are perfect, when in reality, they are not. Most of the time they are going through the most shit when they try so hard to make everything look perfect. At the end of the day, being real in a relationship is the best thing to do. You hide no feelings that you feel and if there is a problem, you talk about those problems so that you can work on them and be better individually and as a couple. So if you are out there posting pics of you and your partner and you know everything is not cool. I would advise you to stop doing that shit because you look weak by doing that. Trust me, you have people around you who know whats going on, so how by tightening up ok lol.




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