Manny Pacquiao is afraid of Floyd Mayweather. Why? He knows he can’t beat him and after his fight with Manuel Marquez, his own team doesn’t think he can beat him after the performance he showed. Bob Arum, Manny’s Manager wants to schedule a fight with Marquez to make a part 4 smfh. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Manny, for the simple fact that he is scared. People always say Mayweather was running from this fight and running from Manny. When in reality, Manny is doing all of the running. If he really wanted to fight Floyd, he would have done the test, Floyd is doing the test as well so why can’t you? I’ll tell you why, because he is on that shit. Then you fight Marquez and in all honestly, you lost 2 of 3 of those fights with Marquez, who was robbed, and you want to fight him again? Mayweather and his team want this fight to happen and Bob Arum has the nerve to say no and fight Marquez again? Fucking bitches they are, and they should be ashamed. They are definitely avoiding this fight because he knows he can’t beat Floyd Mayweather.



  1. IMABADMAN16707 · November 25, 2011

    LOL Your exactly right,dud got exposed big time!When Max asked him If he was ready to fight Mayweather he didn’t look to confident.You can see the look of doubt in his eyes because he knew his ass is through LOL The funny thing is he came into the fight expecting Martinez to bow down like Mosley did but guess what? Juan Martinez had somethin for his ass,and the man is pushing 40?I’de been running from Floyd too.

    • SNEED CHRONICLES · November 26, 2011

      Lol. Yeh he better run from Floyd, if he can’t mess with Martinez then he really has a problem.

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