Time is one thing that we can’t get back. So why waste it with someone we don’t want to be with? Love is patience, so if you are with somebody that you love very much and you know that they have no intentions of hurting you. Stick it out. But my problem is when people are with their partner and they cheat on them, but still want to stay with them. No, it don’t work like that. If you really don’t want to be with that person you don’t have to be, because at the end of the day you are wasting time, energy, and money. Now, I am not trying to tell people to leave their partner if they get on their nerves, because that’s not a good excuse lol. All i’m saying is if you ever get to a point where you just don’t have the feelings you use to and you are cheating with someone else. Just tell your significant other you want to leave. Instead of you fucking around with someone else and being a bitch to your partner, because that aint cool. After my first experience with being cheated on as a teen lol smh. I told myself, whenever I get involved with someone. I am going to tell them “hey, whenever you get to the point where you feel like you have to cheat on me, just tell me. I will be ok.” Therefore, they won’t be any wasted time on both sides and we can move on. I understand leaving isn’t easy to do. Everybody isn’t mentally tough enough to tell their partner or even accept leaving as an option (pyscho). There might be something your partner does that you feel like someone else will never do. But if you feel like they won’t be in your long-term plans, than kick rocks.  So be honest instead of lying because it will make things a whole lot easier.




There is an epidemic going on, and it’s been going on since the beginning of time. It’s called “faking til you make it”. Now, there is a cure and all it takes is a look in the mirror and one dose of the TRUTH. Thing is, some people don’t like the truth. So their symptoms tend to get worse smfh. I understand people want to feel special and want to be accepted in this world, I totally understand. But you should not have to lie to yourself and others about what you do. You have men and women who go out here and claim to be rappers, singers, actors, athletes, models. If you do those things, then cool. But the problem is when the person goes out and spends money to maintain this fake life that they are not living. Also they brag about who they know or who they are affiliated with. When in reality they only met them a couple times or went to school with them and said a couple words to them smh. Some even go on the web and post pics of themselves in the club every week or they talk about how they popping bottles, when they are broke to their name. People have to get through their heads that you don’t have to fake that life. If you have your priorities straight, and put the energy and effort into it, you can live that life. I mean hell, you putting the energy and effort into maintaining this life you don’t live when you can be taking that energy and effort to do it for real. Like seriously, get your shit together if you know you do this. You can be some much more if you stop that fake shit. So yeah, faking it til you make it is not cool. Just go head and make it. Everybody doesn’t have a perfect life, so don’t worry about what people have to say because they not doing for you at the end of the day. But if you faking a life you are not living, STOP IT. Just be you and live your life. Be great.



The boy Sanchez Paris is back with his anticipated album “Back to Black”.  He dropped his mixtape Super Nova over a month and his is back with new material already. The Houston native is not playing and is here to show he is about business. The album is dropping on #BLACKFRIDAY, Nov. 25th. It will be problems when this drops this upcoming week. It will be available on and you can follow Sanchez Paris on twitter @Godofaking.


What is “fake love?” Fake love is love that is not real, true, or genuine. You know what I mean. Couples who act like they are so in love, everything is so peachy and they have no problems. Or how about the people who put pictures up on Facebook all day trying to prove that they are in love. When actually it’s just one of the partners who actually feels that way smh. I would like to people to be honest with each other in relationships. I mean totally honest with their significant other. It actually works because you say what you feel and the other person is not so offended with what you are saying. The worst that happens is that you end up in an intense conversation. Notice I said intense conversation, not domestic violence lol. I think people try so hard to prove to other people that their life and their relationships are perfect, when in reality, they are not. Most of the time they are going through the most shit when they try so hard to make everything look perfect. At the end of the day, being real in a relationship is the best thing to do. You hide no feelings that you feel and if there is a problem, you talk about those problems so that you can work on them and be better individually and as a couple. So if you are out there posting pics of you and your partner and you know everything is not cool. I would advise you to stop doing that shit because you look weak by doing that. Trust me, you have people around you who know whats going on, so how by tightening up ok lol.