So I got to chance to go see Paranormal Activity 3. Honestly, I was let down. In this movie, it was supposed to show where and how the madness all began. Old footage was the source of this movie, so I expected it to be deep in detail but it wasn’t. The movie did have some scary parts, due to perfect unexpected moments and perfect editing lol. Also, the last 15mins of the movie that was supposed to change your life forever was not scary at all. It did not change my life at all and will not change yours. It will change your mindset at the least. I was disappointed, but on a scale of 1-10. I give it a 7. Just think about it, the budget on this movie was $15,000 and this movie raked in $59 million in the opening weekend, smh. I think I going to see make me a movie in a closet and call it “Claustrophobia”, lol.


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