There has been a lot of controversy about Rihanna’s latest video “We Found Love”. The video has some strong images which makes the video great in my eyes. It shows sex, love, and drugs at it’s best. Her leading man, Dudley O-Shaughnessy, a british boxer and model looks like Chris Brown. They re-enact a car fight scene which is funny as hell to me and basically show how much they were in love. Doing whatever they pleased, from sex to drugs (yes). I can see why some people have a hard time watching it, but I don’t. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. But the video is actually great and real if you ask me. Check out the video for yourself and let me know what you think.



  1. Tracey Maje · October 21, 2011

    i just Love Rihanna people,she is good at wat she does and her music spiks languages dat r so powerful to me i cudnt hlp bt jst love evry ich of it cz i understand wat sh is sayin.just briliant;).Music is e great love of my life and maybe 1 day al get 2 collaborate with her.

    • SNEED CHRONICLES · October 23, 2011

      No doubt. I love music as well. Just keep working hard and maybe one day you will.

  2. Tracey Maje · October 24, 2011

    True dat hey,thanx 🙂

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