If you want to go to Japan for free, well here’s your chance. Japan may give away 10,000 free round-trip flights early next year in an effort to reignite tourism to the country after a year plagued by natural disasters. They want 10,000 tourists to talk about their experiences online so that the word-of-mouth reports can show the safe and hassel-free trip to Japan. The giveaway would begin in April 2012 if it’s approved by the Japanese government. It is expected to cost the country $150 million. I think it’s a great idea, but I know some people are afraid of coming back with an extra eye or leg because of radiation. It can’t be that bad. I would tell people to go and try it out. I mean a free round-trip to Japan. Some people haven’t even been out there own city smh. So how could you pass up a free trip to Japan? So go get you suitcase and prepare for your trip, because you are going to go! Excitement is waiting for you on the other side lol. Check out Budget Travel for more info.




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