Floyd Mayweather is the best and nobody is fucking with him. After Victor Ortiz leaps out of frustration to head-butt Floyd Mayweather, Mayweather knocks his ass out. People are saying it was a cheap shot, no it was you idiots. Look, this is boxing, once you tap gloves, it’s on you to defend yourself. Instead, Ortiz is sad about what he has done.  A real boxer would have told him sorry and kept on fighting. But it was obvious that he felt bad for Mayweather and didn’t want to fight. Floyd Mayweather did what he was supposed to do. So don’t be mad at Floyd for doing what he was supposed to do, be mad at Ortiz for not doing what he was supposed to do, and that was to come to fight. You could tell he was frustrated because he couldn’t touch Floyd. He underestimated his quickness in the ring as many fighters do. But instead he wants to head-butt like he is in the UFC, smh. Manny Pacquio is not fucking with Mayweather. If he wanted to fight him, he would of did it when he was challenged. But Manny was scared because he didn’t want to get drug-tested, smh. What type of shit is that? Anyway, Floyd is the best, simple as that. Larry Merchant deserved that shit too after the fight. He’s been a hater his whole life, smh. Check it out.



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