If you haven’t seen “Warrior”, go see it now. It’s like the award winning “The Fighter”, starring Mark Wahlberg, but better. I promise, you will enjoy this movie. The movie is intense and worth you spending your money to go see it. Check out the trailer.




  1. CMrok93 · September 14, 2011

    Great review. The cliches are there but Edgerton, Hardy, and Nolte rise this above being just than just Rocky with MMA. It’s a well-made and emotionally gripping story that brings out some real gut-wrenching moments as well as the great knock-outs. Check out mine when you can!

    • SNEED CHRONICLES · September 15, 2011

      Indeed. Great movie and they made it to where I can’t compare it to Rocky. Im glad they did that, can’t stand cliche movies lol

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