Rick Ross and this Kreayshawn shit is retarded lol. Kreayshawn talked bad about him over the summer. In the upcoming XXL Magazine, Ross says “I can’t wait to slap the shit out of whoever carries her bags, he also told XXL Magazine, “and I hope it’s her nigga. Dirty bitch. You better know the fuck you talking about. I’ll pay 50k to mess up your whole week.” I think they should sit face-to-face and talk about it, because making threats on her aint really gon make his image anymore tougher. I think it’s a waste of time. I would address it to her, me and her behind closed doors. But all the extra shit, aint no need. She need to be put in place, so if she can’t understand that, then go hard on her. But, who cares? Really? Smh.




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