Week 1 of the 2011-12 NFL season was great! Not just for fans but for America. It gave people their Sundays of tailgating, beer-drinking, hi-fiving and shit-talking back into their lives. Cam Newton a.k.a. “Scam Newton”, lol, showed his ass off. Going off for 422 yards in a close game against the Arizona Cardinals.Which made Newton the first rookie to have 400+ yards in his first NFL game. Romo continued to show the world he will fuck up in pressure situations, throwing an interception in the final minutes of the game, which the Jets made a fg to win 27-24. Ravens smashed the Steelers 35-7, and the Eagles beat the Rams 31-13. Most of the games on Sunday were close exept for the Texans/Colts, where my boys won 34-7 with a Manningless Colts team and the Buffalo Bills blew the Chiefs out 41-7. Now I am more of a basketball person, but I am excited about this NFL season. I’m taking all bets too.



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