Terius Nash a.k.a The Dream released his free album (he said he doesn’t like the word mixtape) earlier in the week.  It has 11 tracks and the album delivers some real shit. The Dream has being going through relationship problems and label problems with Def Jam as of late.  He tweeted, “BTW NO ONE AT DEF JAM IS HAPPY ABOUT A FREE ALBUM LOL….. they are trying to stop it!”. Well that didn’t happen, so he has blessed us with some material before he releases “The Love IV: Diary of a Mad Man”, due in December.  You can download it on, or Check out the tracklist below.

01. Wake Me When It's Over
02. Used To Be
03. Long Gone
04. Ghetto (feat. Big Sean)
05. Wedding Crasher
06. Rolex (feat. Casha)
07. Silly (introducing Casha)
08. 1977 (Miss You Still)
09. Wish You Were Mine
10. This Shit Real Nigga (feat. Pharrell)
11. Form of Flattery

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