Now everybody knows the show “Basketball Wives”. Where they show the in-depth lives of girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, wives, soon to be ex-wives and so on of current and former players of the NBA. It is now in it’s third season and the show is filming in Los  Angeles.  I’ve watched the show a numerous amount of times, and I don’t get anything out of it. I mean, I get caught up in the show with the bullshit they are talking about, and then at the end i’m left feeling angry because I felt like I wasted an hour of my life. Let’s be serious, the show is on because people like gossip and controversy. But they are women out there who let this show affect their lives and don’t even know it. You have children watching this show (which they should not because if you are a real parent you would not let it happen) and they are growing up  with the mentality of going after an athlete so they can live that lifestyle, smh. You have grown women out there who pass up on good men everyday because he doesn’t have the money to live that way. Now, i’m not saying that a woman has to get with a broke man, lol, but at least give a man a chance if he doing good for himself. I’m also not saying a woman doesn’t deserve that lifestyle, but instead of trying to look for somebody who has it, how bout you work hard to get it. All it takes is time and effort. So if you have the time to sit there and watch BBW or play around on Facebook ,Twitter, and Skype all day, you have time to work hard towards a goal you have set for yourself. I blame Shaunie O’neal for this because she is the mastermind behind this. I realize this was her hustle, so im not mad at that. I just don’t like the fact that she is playing not only these women on the show, but the women and children who watch this show. She sits back and watch confrontations go on and on, and then has the nerve to act like “OMG, what just happened?” You know what happened because you are the PUPPETMASTER. She has the nerve to say that they do good things in the community and for others, but you won’t show that because nobody wants to see that.  How about showing what businesses they own, what they do in the community, show them helping people and being a force in the world, instead of arguing about why such and such slept with her man. She is playing women (the dumb ones) who let this show affect them as a person. You can watch whatever you want women, but don’t get caught up in bullshit that won’t help you succeed in life. This is what the children out there are watching, who don’t have real parents, smh.


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